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  1. You better watch out making an offer like that with this gang you might not get caught up on road calls I go to Hammond a couple of times a month. It's not so bad since they finished the I-80 construction.
  2. I'm glad you got it worked out Logger. I just went through the same problem so I feel your pain.
  3. For some reason my comment didn't attach so I'll try again. I thought we have the same size? Mine is a 63" I think or maybe 68"
  4. be careful bigen silicone will melt your styrofoam. I better hurry if I'm gonna beat you to MackPro's place for the fridge. :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease:
  5. Thanks Barry you're doing fine.
  6. I once delivered some equipment to a mine in W. Va that ended up sending a tow truck and D-9 Cat to sit my trailer around curves. I could pull the grades okay but the curves were to sharp.
  7. I'm with you. I pull a tank and it's unbelievable how much more easy the Vision is to maneuver in the chemical plants. Often times I have to wait 10-20 minutes for a pretty boy to get out of my way in the plants because they have so many blind spots they can't get around without a ground guide. When the yappers get on me about owning a "bulldog" I tell them the Bulldogs have fed and raised 5 kiddoes, put 3 through college and paid for 2 homes so I'll just stay at the pound.
  8. Thanks for posting the pic. Before my son had to stop riding with me to start school he rode all over the midwest and east coast holding the shifters in one of those saying "now daddy now? ". He got doggone good shifting a duplex and triplex but nowadays my grandsons are with me operating an air-shift 18sp. Thanks for the memories. Jerry
  9. Amen and preach on brother me too, I started OTR in 1968. I've had large car pete, KW, and a Binder Eagle and none compare to the comfort of my beloved Vision. I had a Western Star once that was almost as smooth riding but the cab was too small.
  10. That's right bigen since the speed limit went up I don't have as much truck trouble plus I get better fuel mileage.
  11. Okay thanks I was worried about it. I like to keep everything as well maintained as possible. I love my old mess again after you guys talked me through the coolant headaches. I've been running around 3500 miles per week with only the fan hub going out since the coolant debacle. I wish it had a grease zert instead of the prepacked bearings.
  12. Thanks fjh I didn't snap onto what MackPro is saying til you said that. Does the high boost pressure mean I need a new boost relief valve? It seems to have plenty of power and the fuel mileage is good. Maybe my gage is wrong? Woe is me. I'm a worrier so I better check this out.
  13. I found a picture of the pressure tester made by fjh. By capping off both ends of the turbo and airing it up you can test the entire charge air system at once and it's quick
  14. At 33-34 boost it runs around 450-500 then at 35-37 boost it runs up to about 700-750. If I lug down it eases up to around 800-900 sometimes but seldom taht high.
  15. That sounds low to me too My o4 460 runs around 33-34 in normal running but it sneaks up to 36-37 when I pull it down hard.
  16. I've worried so much over my mess I've lost about 15 pounds. Is your new truck as comfortable as the Vision?
  17. lol--I was between the police station and the fire house on US41 North/Calumet Ave. I think that's about 2 miles or so south of 312, I was headed to Cline from 80. There's a vacant alley on the west side of the street across from a whiskey store so I backed in and went to work. I didn't get any bullet holes but I did grow an extra set of eyes in the back of my head. I don't like being circled around by that kind of clientele
  18. I'm gonna haft to find out where MackPro is and get my rust bucket by there for a check up. bigen you better watch out with a new fridge you night turn to a bigger bigen. I still use an ice cooler for ice water and lunch meat but I gotta have the microwave for popcorn when I watch Palidin or Hoss Cartwright on fancast.com MackPro or bigen if you see this message would you PM me the location so I can see how bad out of route to go by for a MackPro check up? bigen I don't want you getting one up on me keeping a truck in shape. My old mess is doing so fine since we cured the water problem it scares me. I cratered the fan hub last week but it didn't hurt the radiator. I'm getting better on roadside repairs it was only about a 3 hour repair including the taxi ride across Hammond to Pozzo Mack in Gary.
  19. That's right the first 335 was a souped up 743 but most folks either don't know that or have forgot it. I've had the 743 block up to 365hp. The 335 in the 855 block was a good engine but the crankshaft wouldn't stand up to cowboys.
  20. That's right bigen. Like you I didn't ask to be a test rat but once the name was signed on the bottom line I was turned into one. The main problem I've had is people in the local Mack shop who don't know how to troubleshoot or complete a repair, they do fully understand how to work the labor rate book tho. I'm sure if I had known fjr and MackPro when I started having troubles it would have gone better and been more economical. There's no telling how many $$$ those 2 guys have saved me as I've had to re-repair the butcher work done by Houston Mack.
  21. I never knew exactly why they came out with some longer but the longer one got rid of a lot of intake noise in the cab so I liked it better.
  22. Welcome in Mackie. I like your home.
  23. I think the auto trans is gonna be your downfall with a Mack. I called my local Mack dealer early this morning and have them doing a search for any Mack sleeper with auto in their system and so far he hasn't called me back so I called to see if he forgot and he claims he hasn't located one yet.
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