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  1. i need to do a head gasket on Aa 2000 ch with a 350 motoe e-7 is there any tricks or surprises that you guys can help me out with before i start the job thanks brian oh ya where can i get the torque specs for the head or buy a service manual cheap
  2. well rob this is a good topic man but dont forget brother you and i use to run together and im thinking youll have that fuel burned out of the tank before you know it .........ya let it rip man ass,gas, or grass nobody rides for free just think of all the topsoil you and i have delivered all over the chicago area we never use to worry about fuel then ok later brother
  3. Fabulouse link i hope nobody forgets what them bastards did to us my american flag flys 365 day a year on the house in rain , snow, sleet and sunshine
  4. i cant belive that truck is still around i work for orlandsoil contractors i remember that truck
  5. ya he does mackattack i dont live far from you i see it all the time
  6. right on brother de37champ i totally agree you know how many bids i lost this year cause of unskilled labor under bid me and fddddd up the job hopefully some day people will open up there fnnnnn eyes
  7. my opinion who ever keeps letting these foreigners in this country is mostly for this blame all the bleeding heart liberals that say thats not right and you cant say that is what really fddddd up this country everybody allways forgets the basics about stuff for example what are fathers and grandfathers did years ago to make this country what it is next time you fly the flag on 4th of july or any other holiday think of that at my house and shop old glory flys high every day for the right reasons i feel for all the men and women who fought for this counrty over the years and are seeing now whats going on
  8. thats right macks but it seems like no one really cares or maybe thats just in chicago area i lost a bid the other day by 20,000 the price diff was we are a union company and the others werent but if i ran guys that werent union the man would be all over me as to where the " foreiners " wont get hasseled its not right i hope it gets better before its too late
  9. we also started out slow and then got busy no really major breakdowns we do sewer and water and excavating but as far as next year i dont think it will be as good all the good hearted americans can blame the illegals for the slow down in the construction trades remember cheap labor effects all of us in the end you get what you pay for does anybody agree let me know oh ya the chicago area in illinois
  10. rednblacken thanks for the info whats a new turbo cost and i dont know if it matters or not but the truck has a mack 7speed trans in it with 527 gears the chip costs 250.00 i think ill try that first thanks man brian
  11. ill try and get the # off the turbo but if you could please get me the # for the 350 turbo also the truck has a electronic pump so ill prob still have to get the chip for it also . will the oil line and hoses bolt right up without no mods ok thanks for the info
  12. thanks bud where can i buy this chip and how do you install it thanks again brian
  13. i have a 99 rb 6whlr dump that i pull equipment dozers,hoes and so on im lookin to get some more out of it the truck has a 300 in someone told me i can put a turbo from a 350 or 400 on it is this true i would really apreciate the good advice guys thanks brian
  14. hey maybe you should take it to pozzo before you spend anymore money than you have too thats what they get paid for johnny
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