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  1. Excuse my ignorance. Is the foot valve behind the firewall ( on a CH) that has a half dozen or so air lines connected to it??? If that is it...what does a replacement cost and how hard is it to replace??? thanks. rob
  2. I appreciate everyone's help. The problem turned out to be the unloader valves. I installed a new kit once and had problems because I never scraped off all the old gasket and I used a RTV sealer (a big no-no). So another new kit ($11) and I'm good to go. Thanks again guys. Rob
  3. Ok, you guys that thought I had a head gasket issue I did concur for awhile anyway. I don't know if this make sense, and maybe it still is a head gasket issue. My truck (98 Ch w/427, Jake) does some funny stuff. I had the heater on all day today. I had no recovery bottle / anti-freeze leak. Before I continue know this.....it looks like there are 2 different heater cores going into the firewall..one on top of the other with 2 in 2 out heater hoses. I'm not sure what is what however the bottom core was disconnected by the previous owner. and the hose lines re-routed all over the place.
  4. The wheels aren't locking up and it is an abs system. No rush of air either.
  5. It has 584,000 + miles on it. The only work that was done to it before I bought it was a new cam at about 500,000. Thanks for the ideas. Nothing is ever easy is it???
  6. I don't get much braking with moderate pedal pressure but then all of a sudden they grab like a S.O.B. (almost puts me through the windshield). It's the same with or without trailer. What should I look at??? The brake valve assembly on the firewall? I'm just guessing since I don't know. Thanks for your help guys. Rob
  7. I have a problem with anti-freeze squirting out of the small hole in the plastic cap on the recovery tank. It seems like the system is over pressurizing the top tank, forcing down into the recovery tank then out the weep hole. At one point I'll have a full recovery tank, and an empty top tank ( then I get the warning lights and the engine turns it self off). The engine runs at normal temp and it won't suck anti-freeze back up from the recovery tank. I'm going to replace the cap on the top tank but other than that, anyone have any ideas???? A thought crossed my mind about sealing up t
  8. I did 1 better. I talked to a Bendix tech. He said it was "Flat Tires" fault.
  9. .....continue. I concurred with Glenn and thought my new air dryer was defective so I took it back and got another. The new one is kind of doing the same thing but not quite. It charges up to about 125psi, the purge valve spits, then it ticks like a bomb. But the ticking is related to engine speed. The higher the rpm's the faster the ticking and it almost sounds like a machine gun. It will tick until the red needle (what tank is that???) drops to 100 psi, the ticking stops and the compressor kicks in again. This is different form the old dryer (which was brand new) That one would tic
  10. The part # on the box is 745 800887 it says AP-SA Bendix air dryer it doesnt have a number after AP. I'll look on the air dryer itself on Monday. The old one doesnt say either. The new one does have a plastic flapper on the bottom. So what you guys are telling me the air dryer is probably the problem and not the compressor or unloader?? It's still under warranty. Also the Mack dealership said I can bring it in and they'll test it. thanks again Rob W.
  11. There is one thing i forgot to mention...when i put the new unloader kit in I had a problem with the gasket leaking and took the cover off again. I did notice the piston on the left side popped up with the new spring and the right one (the one to the front of the truck) didn't pop up and almost seemed stuck in the hole. I did grease the new ones up with the grease in the kit before i put them in.. Was it supposed to pop up when i took the cover off????
  12. The air is coming from the valve or hole at the bottom of the dryer. I dont recall what model Bendix it is.
  13. My engine oil runs almost 200 degrees. Its a 98 CH w/ 427. I do local semi-dump work and today it was about 55 degrees. is that normal?? My 2nd question is this.....my fuel tank is hot. The fuel tank was almost too hot to touch today. I know the return line was pretty hot today too. Why is the fuel so hot?? I didn't put any fuel in so it wasn't fuel from the gas station. Third and final question......My system malfunction light would come on, the engine would idle higher about 800-900 rpm, the light would go off and the idle would kick back down. Any quick diagnosis? Bad senso
  14. I have a few issues guys, (not all under this topic) so bear with me. My 98 CH makes a loud clunk when turning left or right. Not all the time but definately with a load on. Driving straight on a bumpy road ....there are no clunks. It seemed to get worse as the day went on. I looked under the truck and can't find anything wrong. It has been greased . Any ideas?? Thanx Rob W.
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