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  1. Try this with a 8LL or an autoshift. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq7T4ZnvqV8...feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvWPRpF_CTg...feature=related
  2. I am sure this will ruffle a few feathers.... however Allisons are hands down the best trans out there. I put many miles on both manuals and autos on and off road, I have even had manuals and autos fail "the only reason the Allison Failed was the guy ran it low on fluid for an extended duration, and had cavitation in the pump" the cost equals out to be the same in the long run. The only thing to do with an Allison is to change the oil and filters. The Allison will flat out $hit and get while the other guy is having to make his shift. Power is un-interupted while accelerating. The initial cost is higher than your run of the mill manual, however it does pay in the long run.
  3. I Never thought about doing this with a front-end loader. http://videos.streetfire.net/video/Crazy-Italians_210005.htm
  4. AutomaticMack


    Here's a great web site. Really should have dsl or highspeed connection not recommended for the weak at heart http://www.dfwtex.com/
  5. niphilli, not to get your dander up, but do you have a cdl? have you ever driven a all Mack truck on the highway or offroad? Well I have and they will wipe the slate clean compared to the competition on or off road. The major problem here is v#^&o has no respect for anything, let alone a great AMERICAN icon. Who here wants to buy a sodomized truck. The Mack transmission is an amazing creation, and the rear drives are beyond comparison. We are constantly seeing a slow erotion of the product that we all have become to rely our livings on. And now with this move they have hurt the American working man, building,driving,maintaining and selling the truck with the closing down of the plant and moving out . Plus they have alienated any customer that would like to buy anything in the future. I realize that vulva, is doing this to increase the market share. And to increase dividends for the stock holders etc. etc. etc. but dammit they are stepping all over the American working man by selling us a half rate product under the guise of a true American icon. Whats next Mack trucks made in china sold in the U.S.A.? ohhh wait some of the parts are all ready coming in.
  6. Anyone notice the "QUALITY ASSURED" on the old Mack Box. Wont see that on any v#@o.
  7. Glad I got out of trucking when I did, with the high cost of fuel and now the slow decline of Mack. Reminds me of the fall of the Roman Empire.....slowly they fell until the huns at the gate....and then the dark ages. Are we on the edge of the dark ages of the vulva "oops excuse me" volvo dark ages. F@#$ vulva
  8. Hey 3P, I work at BP refinery they are looking for engineers and other positions, might be something to look into. However you would need to relocate.
  9. I found this on Youtube, I dunno what kind of backhoe it is. This guy takes this backhoe and climbs up a big box and back down the other side.
  10. We have been running a B20 blended with ULSD and, I really really like it !
  11. Here is a really good web site to check out. Alot of good info if anyone is interested. http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/
  12. Anyone have a good/functional oil pan they would want to sell? I am looking for the big 51 quart ESI-Plus pan for a E6-350
  13. Well the new diff CRDPC92 died today the ring gear lost a tooth with only 1,674 Miles on it hauling asphalt. It only took me 3 hours to yank it out this time. I will see if they stand behind there warranty. Any comments on what could cause a supposedly new ring and pinion gear set to fail would be appreciated. I am thinking the power divider was set up wrong perhaps. I think it might be the ULSD causing a huge power increase and blowing the diff apart!!
  14. Thanks Lmack, I have always wondered what screw everyone was talking about. My 350 4V runs good, and I dont plan on turning it up. But the added knowledge is good to have. Now I just need to find out which pump I have. The only tag on the pump says "Re manufactured by Mack" "model 300" I'm sure there is some cosmetic differences between the two. But I have no idea what they are.
  15. I Have never played with an injector pump. With that in mind I labeled the picture with what I think is the lock nuts and the adjustment rod. Is this correct? if not please let me know. Also what is the difference's between an American Bosch and a Robert Bosch?
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