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  1. It was a good day in the barn!! First application of color since I've owned it. Starting to gain some momentum. Looking to get some of the smaller, time consuming jobs done so I can concentrate on the big pieces when the weather improves.
  2. Making progress. Finally got the back of the engine done. Replaced the rear main seal and put a Speedy sleeve on the journal to cover a groove from the old seal. replaced the bell housing, swapped the flywheel from single to double disk. Then installed a new clutch I've had since about 2005. Dial indicated everything and run-outs were all well within tolerances, so no re-doweling the alignment pins on either the bell housing or flywheel, thankfully. Stripped some more components off the block and spent all day yesterday cleaning and prepping the block for paint
  3. I would agree with Brocky. Look at it and give a good offer, see where it goes.
  4. $12K for that doesn't seem bad at all. Concerns would be it's overall/underlying condition. Engine would be a big one for condition and then the rest of the running gear. How are they for condition and assembly? The cab sheet metal condition for rust and damage? How's the bed structurally? Rust and damage/warping? Hydraulics, leaks, pistons and hoses? It does look really nice and most issues seem cosmetic. That set up is really nice and I've had a similar truck I built/restored for over twenty years now. Probably the most useful "toy" I have. Moved so much stuff over the years I've lost count. If it's a sound truck I don't see it to be a bad price at all.
  5. I'll look around. They have a yard in town on RT 71 with a few pieces of equipment still in it, there's a Ford compressor truck for sale here also. A steel nose R dump that's also still in use. The Company garage was razed recently to expand the rail station. Are you looking to contact them? I'll see what I can find out.
  6. I wondered where that went. Aiudi was in my town, over by the Berlin RR Station. It's a parking lot now. They had several B's and a Autocar dump that sat around for years and never moved. wonder where the B's went?
  7. Yes, Same pics from there. Power steering and power brakes. Very pleasant to drive, except for the mileage.
  8. And the reason for the delay was all this work, over the last six months to the Cadillac. Looking to get the same results on the B-73.
  9. Well, had to delay this year in making some progress. Spent the time getting my Father's '41 Cadillac back on the road. Cleaned and re-organized the shop for the truck. Moved the NH-220 out so I can clean and paint it yesterday afternoon/evening.
  10. Really neat find. Would look awesome all restored with all it's original equipment back on, Very unique. Anyone notice the portal above the driver's seat to watch the overhead machinery?
  11. Really nice!! Great to have everything protected and right there in your yard.
  12. Very nice. Good recovery from the storm, looks beautiful!! My recently rehab'ed barn
  13. Boy, was I off. Still awesome to see working, though. That's got to be a huge disruption on those little roads at peak vacation times. Was out there the last week in July, simply beautiful out there. Maybe there's some more work out there by Sankaty Light, before those houses tumble into the sea. One house has about 10 feet of backyard left.
  14. That looks like Polpis Rd. area. I think that was in/around 2013. It was still sitting on I-beams when I saw it, if it is the same one. Of course I missed the B model getting a work out. There was a B-81 doing some house work out there several years ago, missed that one too
  15. I used Dynamat Extreme as well when I swapped in a 237. I did the whole firewall exterior and cowl areas. Silver side reflects a lot of engine heat. Doubled it up in the area of the turbo. I also covered the fiberglass intake tube that runs through the cab corner in it. A huge amount of turbo noise comes through that tube. Its amazingly quiet over the road, you can talk and hear in almost normal tones, turbo noise is very hushed. Stock floor mat with and extra layer of regular insulation on the floor. The B-73 I'm doing will get it on both sides of the firewall and floor.
  16. This was the reason I had to move my project. Massive overhaul of my barn, added overhead doors to the rear, rebuilt a chicken coop into a side bay that I removed several years ago. Added interior/exterior lights and lots of rewiring. Now to organize and get things started over the Winter. Lower doors are in now and a few more things to work out and we're on our way
  17. Can't wait to move to a warmer area to lesson the amount of time I have to do this. Last week putting some of the toys away, until spring. Damn.
  18. I'll have to seperate the body from the frame. That frame should slide over the Mack frame to create the stretch and the wheel base I need. It'll be bolted togther with body bound bolts, using Mack frame cross braces. If I ever sell it, it should be an easy conversion to the original wheelbase and tractor configuration.
  19. The back half to my project. 21' Jerr-Dan Roll Back with a wood inlay. Had to move it again for some yard work. The motivating issue is the space it takes up and four moves for storing this body.
  20. A R Model CRD-117 carrier should fit, many decent ratios are available, for a single axle.
  21. This is a scan of a Polaroid of the truck that the original owner gave me. He leased to Krajak(?) Tank Lines out of New Jersey. The truckers called the company Krackerjack. The owner had it painted on the bumper along with Popcorn and Peanuts. The owner of the company hated the nickname. The truck was all pinstriped up as you can barely make out and was two tone green over red. The Autocar scan was from his follow-on truck in the same colors.
  22. Moving day. First time in about 11 years this frame has seen daylight. Had to move it due to some upcoming work to the barn. Great excuse to start this project!!!
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