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  1. Does any one know what this truck is worth, he said I could drive it home. I was going to give him $15000. for the two Superliners, the other Superliner did not run
  2. Thanks guys your all like a brother. I still have my MH to play with and I'm doing some up grades on that so I won't run out of any thing to do
  3. I haven't posted anything in a wile, being retired has kept me busy. On a trip down through Colorado with my Wife we drove through a little town and I noticed a truck garage out side of town and there was a Mack Superliner parked in the yard, I mentioned it to my Wife as we drove by and she said that's nice, ten minutes later I was still thinking of the Superliner and It dawned on me the color was gray, could that be a Liberty, now ten miles out of town and running behind I turned around to go back my Wife thinking I am crazy. sure enough here sits a Mack Freedom, Stature of Liberty and all. E9 with the big sleeper in excellent original condition, OMG. Turns out he has two Superliners and he will only sell them together. Anyway after months of negotiating he agrees to sell me just the Liberty. Last week when I was planing to drive down to get it he tells me he sold it to someone else. what a disappointment, so I'm pretty bummed out right now but I will get over it. I'm sure someone will be bragging about it pretty soon I know I would. All I have is some pics.
  4. You are the man Ken, so is Don. I am waiting for a call from a retired Buster Brown from Washington state that I met on face book, Golden Years or Trucking. He ran a MH 4X4 for several years from Spokane to Missoula, then we can realty get the scoop, Rifleman
  5. The headlights had to go in the bumper to comply with DOT or highway something, could only be a certain height off the ground, and yes Ken, pics were taken at MEC. herd of a couple around but no leeds, Like to have one, maybe I could modify my MH
  6. A few week ago MH Fred sent me a email of a discussion going on of MH 4X4s that UPS had used. We were on the road for 5 weeks. I was a 30 year Feeder driver now retired and always liked the MH the best, only saw one in Wyoming back in 89. He had came out of Jackson Wy. going over Togwotee pass headed for Riverton Wy. on his nightly run. On snow covered roads he wasn't stopping to chain up. Wish I could remember his name. Heard a rumor that it was his truck pictured in our 1994 Calender, see pic. I heard the wheel base was two feet longer to accommodate the transfer case. They used them all over the West but never made it to the East. I sure could have used one on them Vermont runs and pulling double bottoms in I90, Rifleman
  7. Sorry guys we have been on a 4800 mile road trip, Arizona New Mexico and Colorado and our lap top shit the bed, I do have some nice pics of the UPS MH 612-2927, and the MH 612-015, all wheel drive. I remember seeing one in 89 coming out of Jackson Hole going over South Pass to Riverton. I was out here on a ELK hunt. Wish we had them, I was running Syracuse and Worcester Mass out of Albany NY with double bottom 40s. If I can figure how to scan them off the PC I will get them on. Mark, UPS never ran twin screws on the NY Thruway till the 90s, we were way behind the times, I started in 74 with a brand new F model but I remember seeing CF with some 4X4. Talked to a guy on Face book said he knew were one was in Minnesota, I'll give him a call, Thanks Fred for taking care of Kelly, Rifleman
  8. I called Kelly back and he couldn't beleave the response I got, he is not on the PC much but they are a Mack parts dealer in Riverton Wyoming. He said he would like to get two and have a spare, again his name is Kelly Osborne 307 851-6362, or contact me I would buy them for kelly, thanks guys, Rifleman
  9. No, he's not in a big hurry but he needs the complete door assembly for his MH Magnum, his name is Kelly Osborn, 307 851-6362, Thanks Farmer, Rifleman
  10. I need a complete dip stick axis door for a MH Mack, my friend in Riverton Wyoming lost his on his MH Magnum
  11. Wanted to buy a aluminum air tank for my 86 Mack MH 612 in nice condition, should be 12in. X 20in. 307 250-6883 Rifleman
  12. Name: 1986 MH 612 Date Added: Owner: Rifleman Rifleman
  13. Name: 1986 MH 612 Date Added: Owner: Rifleman Rifleman
  14. Is that single axle Freightliner for sale, I know someone looking for something like that. Rifleman
  15. Back in the early 80s, a few of us Buster Browns were running meadowland's NJ at night out of Albany NY. We kept running into this Smith driver turning Saratoga . We devised a plan to steel his horse shoe one night and I would mount it to my F model for the ultimate lucky charm. Well we all chickened out and I never got my lucky horse shoe, sure would like to have one, it would look good on my gate out here in Wyoming. Rifleman
  16. Always wondered what that horse shoe was made out of, Rifleman
  17. From the album: Rifleman

    In August of 87 I lined our tractors up for Founders Day, 80 years of service. It took me longer to round up all the keys, three years later they crushed all the F models, some had new cabs and motors, the Rockies were happy, I was sick. Rifleman
  18. My MH, 202856 in 1992 was pride of our fleet till one of the rookies totaled it one night, I cried for a week
  19. I notice the cab on my MH612 doesn't move up and down as much as the UPS MHs I drove. I put new shocks and air bag on, still seem stiff. the lever valve seem to be working and I in stalled a new control rod. Rifleman
  20. Thanks Guys for the great posts, my head is so big now I'll never get in that cab. I actually was contacted by the editor of the Bulldog in August, said he saw my article on the MH in the September-October issue of RoadKing magazine and asked if he could do a article. I said sure and never heard anything about it. Than I saw my Cousin last week who works at Albany Mack gave me a copy, Cool
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