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Found 6 results

  1. Just got back from Canada and very happy. I closed a deal on 2 complete E9-500 MH's both run when parked, air ride 3.86 and 4.17, a spare complete E9-500 and a ton of MH parts. New exhaust in boxes. Good bumpers, grills, glass, visors, perfect tanks, no rail spread. Mack 18 in one, 12 spd in other and 13 Fuller on spare engine. Super nice guy had them for 10-12 years and did not have time or money to complete one. There was another MH E9 and spare engine that was not for sale. He has to sell off his stuff because the farm is going up for sale next year. Property taxes are killing him. Didn't really want all the stuff but it was a great deal that I could not pass by. From what he said there are a lot of E9 MH's up there by Vancouver because of the length laws and need for big power years ago. Thought I was done with the old dog rescue with the last one but am saving a lease one more. The dog house is almost full. I was so into looking at everything I did not take one photo. Is there more MH guys out there? They kind of grow on you.
  2. Depending on the day of the week, work truck or show truck.
  3. ‚ÄčI see here if someone mentions a E9 that is sitting or possibly for sale it sparked interest. I have talked to many Guys through the years and everyone seems to know where several are. I have know of whole running E9 trucks go for $2500 mostly MH's. I could have bought a daily driven MH E9 with a 48' flat deck for $4000 back 10 years ago in Ohio, didn't have a place to keep it. Bought a good low mileage 94 CL engine last year for $6000 with a good double airride frame and 20K beam, an OK deal. I had rears so I didn't need them. It is EZ to have $20K in a rebuild these days. More and more there are stories of broken E9 trucks getting sold and repaired. What are they getting sold for before being fixed? What is the going rate for these engines/trucks running or not? I have heard that a crank can go for $10K, head $2K, inj. pump $3K. Some whole trucks are going for less than $10K and everyone is looking for parts from what I see. Parts/engines are out there so where are they and what are they really worth?
  4. Rich Johnson (of Phantom 309 fame) also decorated many of our local trucks around the Rockford,Ill. area. From his shop in Freeport,Ill., these are some of the MH's he performed his magic on. Enjoy Al
  5. I know there has been some discussion of these trucks in the past. Tom Smith gave me this magazine several years ago when I got my MH. Hopefully this article was not posted before. Sorry they are out of order. Read 1 first. Enjoy. Mike Mack MH 4x4(1).pdf Mack MH 4x4(2).pdf Mack MH 4x4(3).pdf Mack MH 4x4(4).pdf
  6. I am going to remove my passenger side fuel tank to repair and paint the straps. Does any one know the size and threads on the tank isolation outlet so I can plug the line?
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