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  1. Call me about Mack please 7045072453

  2. Call me please about Mack 2006 vin 6n005174 . 7045072453. Thanks

  3. I am looking for a floor mat to fit a "r"model style cab on my 77 Brockway, most of the ones from the Mack dealer have the Bulldog/mack emblem, I need one that is blank. I have seen one or two...called the local mack dealer and watts and they said never heard of one....if you know of one or and aftermarket co that makes them I'd appreciate the info. Thanks Rob 704-507-2453
  4. I think it would be easier to load the front axle on a DM due to the 65" axle to back of cab, and possibly would have a tighter turn radius. As for production stopping in 88, somewhere I have seen a picture of a lot full of DM800's most with single square headlights not the double square RD lights or the traditional state side round DM lights. The caption said something about still in production in or for the Mexican/ south america markets this photo was around 92/94......
  5. Rob, did you happen to see what series transmission they were using on the setup you are speaking about ^ ? thanks
  6. I have wanted to add a auxiliary transmission to a couple of trucks in the past, but have refrained from doing so due to the high cost of the spicer 1241 and its replacement the TTC1750. The reason I want to do this is gain more on road speed/lower cruise rpms. These trucks are geared perfect for the off highway work as they sit so I am not re gearing the differentials, nor am I changing the front transmissions: so he goes my questions. I have considered trying to use a T20xx as an auxilary transmission..they are cheap, tough and have .60 overdrive. I spoke with a friend who is an engineer at Eaton and he said it would not work due to the input shaft not being designed to take the weight of a driveshaft and something else about the front bearing design. Well I spoke with another member of this board and he said he had seen it done...and spoke of using a carrier bearing right at the yoke of the front shaft to alleviate some of those concerns. Have any of you ever seen this done before? Success stories or horror stories? Think the 2050/2060 or 2070 is strong enough? What would you use for the front yoke? Think the carrier bearings rubber mount would move to much? Trans would be mounted to frame and front shaft supported at input to auxiliary by a carrier bearing? I realize the TTC 1750 is rated at 17500FT lbs of input torque to account for the torque multiplication in the front transmissions lower gears....however if you look into one of these they don't appear to be built any "heavier" than the Mack transmission. I will also mention trucks are already 24.5 tall rubber, and as I said before not changing rear ratios or differential ratios. Thanks in advance Got any cheap Tremec 1750's or Good Spicer 1241's laying around?
  7. thanks, I figured it was probably for an air to air. I have found several DM800's for sale, but most are to short for a third axle. I'd love to find a E9 1 for sale, but seems most want a chunk for a E9. I'd just like to find one with 55, 58 or 65 axles and enough factory rail for lift axle and I'll slip my 863rwhp C-15 in it. If any body knows of a affordable DM800 for sale call me at 704-507-2453 or gradingman@aol.com...did not mean to hijack thread...RW
  8. The truck is very nice for sure , I love to see them on 14.00x 24's...but got to say the red 1985 is more my speed....more road friendly and right wheelbase etc..Is it for sale? On another note, don't know why it has taken me 29 of my 39 years to notice this...but the radiator area on the e9 trucks looks a little different...I'm gonna guess the sheetmetal sides and bars being out further is due to an air to air? is that correct? Any body got it closer side by side views? thanks Rob
  9. Looking at the original picture before the redo....it looks like it had the lighter weight front axle (1 Lug) ...in the later pics it appears to have the heavier (2 lug) axle...is that correct...what else did you change? An e9 dm800 is by far my favorite truck of all.....I just like the dm better than the RD...but they are rare as hen teeth down here.thanks is advance
  10. not to add to the confusion, we have two dm 600's 79 models, allison 750's with 4.64 ratio..nothing, be it my V8 Superliner or my 550 cat powered KW will beat this trucks off the line...it amazing to me ..I guess the folks that shoot them down generally have never had one..Next time you and your high powered truck are at a stoplight besides a underpowered school bus..try and keep up..you will be suprised..the automatics are neat.
  11. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...E:IT&ih=001 I believe this should
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...C:IT&ih=001 try this..divorce time
  13. I have a guy wanting to buy my Super Dawg, I know some body will say...as much as you can get, but wondering what it is worth. 1989 RW713 E9-450 V8, 8ll, 5.02 ratios Crd 112 & 113 rears, 24.5 rubber, 98k ORIGINAL MILES! Always been a lowboy tractor, has two line high and low pressure wetline, Dual breathers, spotlights etc from the factory, 50k rear on daytons color keyed with chrome lug and brake drum nut covers, 36"toolbox on pass side , polished wetline tank on drivers side, Factory AC converted to 134a, The original mufflers got a few holes in the bottom and I just put the tops on the elbows temporarily and its been that way for a year and a half, Needs stacks and better fenders, not a show truck, not a single rip or tear in the original seats, plastic around radio overhead is cracked and door panel armrest on drivers side has a tear from my dog, I run it daily now have accumalted about 10k miles on it in the past 2 months, whats it worth heavy built high horsepower tracor lowmileage, but 18 year old. Thanks Rob
  14. Thanks for the help, I have Two friends with v8's 1 is 3.65 or 3.56 and has 1.6 million, the other has 3.87's So I know they can live if driven correctly, and yes a chrome cap will fit over my 8 bolt axle. My transmission is not a .60 "fast" mack trans it is a slow .74 Eaton 8ll, I think I might just Buy another truck and leave my 90k mile Superdawg alone for heavy hauls or sell it.
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