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  1. we are a proud group
  2. I know y'all was hopin' for something like this
  3. Happy Birthday!!!!
  4. not like but I understand
  5. Was the "Hat Capitol of the World" at one time. about 50% of all workers either worked in the hat factories or in jobs associated. Due to the large amount of water needed in hatting, Danbury has a VERY large resovoir system for its size. Mercury used in the processing eventually got into workers systems and resulted in a condition known as the "hatters shake" back in the day, word in town was "never trust a man without a hat" Many blame JFK for the hatting industry downfall, as he did not wear one.
  6. Thus, my moniker here
  7. OD, sorry I didn't get to meet up with you when you was down thisaway. was good to talk with you though
  8. Evidently, that is what happened. Tow truck was an hour away so driver, with escort got it down the hill to safe place
  9. sorry it took a while to catch my son to ask. if older, no electronics, yes have engine running. fluid will get pulled up into torque convertor, thus dropping fluid level below switch
  10. Think the driver locked the pup trailer to slow down and keep the rest under control says CHP-Truckee
  11. won't go high enough. You need almost 7 foot clearance. that means you need a 12 lift ability. Backhoe, excavator,...... Hey, even a grapple truck
  12. welcome aboard
  13. never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience
  14. welcome aboard pics? ask away...we have the technology and experience
  15. park on level ground.....you're welcome