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  1. I couldn't give up if I wanted to. I absolutely love this type of work and it's good therapy after a bad day at work. It won't be laser straight....there will be waves in it because it's 60 year old stamped sheet metal. I just want to make sure all the little dents and grinder marks are out of it. Oh.BTW b-42....I see elves eeverywhere!
  2. That's what I was thinking.....or maybe before the next round of sanding.
  3. Have you ever noticed the more acreage you have the more it takes to work it? Been block sanding the WHOLE tanker body for two weeks......she's a BIG GIRL! I'm hoping the elves will come out at night and finish it up for me......
  4. Well crap. If only I had known that two weeks ago...... I'm almost done with this one. Gotta weld the bottom piece on , grind the welds and paint it. But thanks a ton for the offer!!
  5. Front suspension and brakes are installed, along with the front wheels and tires. I added some new hardware and left some things in their natural finish to add a little detail to things. Still need to get the front brake hoses and install the air lines for the front. I'm still in the process of making a new radiator support /front cross member. The old one looks as if someone tried to pull the truck from a ditch or something by attaching a chain to the member and yanking until it looked like a pretzel. On to the tank itself after I wrap the frame in it's cocoon of plastic.
  6. I would love to make it to that one.....if you don't mind seeing it with no onterior (OOPPs , interior I meant) or front sheet metal.
  7. I was thinking it will be next Monday....I have to give the paint time to cure!
  8. Thanks Bob. I'm at a good place where progress is rolling well. I know there will be times when I feel like I'm beating my head against acwall and not getting anywhere.But in the world of restoration, that's par for the course. If I can inspire or help someone as some of you have, it makes it all the better.
  9. Bob. The way I had the tank sitting on the stands and jacks , I was afraid it would either fall off with me climbing all over it or get damaged somewhere along the line. And it did......the 3 inch cast iron pipe the rear was supported by ended up having a 3 inch bow in it from the weight. The rear corners of the tank came to a rest on the pipe and bent the edges and cracked some of the filler. It's a whole lot easier to fix primer than the finished paint. I'm going to raise the tank off the frame just enough to slip a heavy piece of plastic between it and the frame and tape it to the floor all the way around like a cocoon and protect the frame from any overspray. It's an extra step but I've done it several times with other projects.
  10. Most excellent!!!!
  11. Finally got the frame assembled enough to roll it under the tank body. It was a little challenging to do it by myself but thanks to my trusty tractor we accomplished it together. Now comes the assembling of the front suspension unit. May the force be with me.
  12. It"s a PRECO ding ding alarm from Boise Idaho. I want to keep this truck as close as possible to the way it was in 1958 except for the color scheme on the outside.
  13. Yup....sorry for the let down but yes metal flashing is the trick I was talking about. It's a little flimsy for large wheels , but it works well enough.
  14. I laughed out loud when I read that.....I actually snorted.