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F-150 Axle Ratios.

Red Horse

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Guys I  have a 22 F-150, STX with a 5.0.  and 3.31 gears.  When I bought it I ignored fact it did not have an E locker dif and figured it would not be a problem,  Well it is helpless on wet grass!  So I bought it to replace my old Ranger which someone wanted for a good price and the 150 was a "placeholder" until I felt the new Rangers had their bugs worked out.  Long story short I'm beginning to like that Coyote power so I'm thinking of getting a 23 with same specs other than rear axle.  Not many 23 5.0's out there in STX trim and most elockers are 3.31.s  There are a few 3.73's as well so while the 3.31 is great when you are on an intersate, It is not the best for pulling my skid steer trailer and 4720 Deere

Anyone have any experience with a 5.0 powered 150 with either ratio?  I thinking the 3.73 would upshift quicker thereby running more miles with the higher ratio.

Any opinions?


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18 hours ago, 70mackMB said:

Bob, Did you get stuck yesterday?    .....Hippy

No - Broncos and the B were on pretty solid  ground. I was home at like 6:30 and before I put B away had a short cloud burst. But I  heard this morning  that while I had a quick cloud burst, down on the Fair Grounds-like  mile and a half away it rained so  hard there was water running down road by pole barns.  Lucky that didn't happen when most guys were leaving

By the way you and Rick continue to get good press..Boston Trucker has you in video.

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