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Hello everyone, I hope everybody is doing ok, I have a question about the coolant in my mack cv713, there's is a black stuff in my coolant reservoir do you guys have any idea of could of been the issue?  Thanks in advance. 

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Joey Mack yes sir, I think those hoses hasn't been replaced before they look old, that has to be the issue, you all are always very helpful thank you very much Joey 

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You are very kind...   may I suggest, when you drain the coolant, you remove the entire petcock from the lower rad. pipe, drain the coolant, and then, put a garden hose in the top tank on a good flow that seems like it will fill the jackets with some flushing pressure., and flush it clean.. just for kicks you can put a clean bucket under the drain hole, ( I bet it is directly above the axle beam)  and watch the water as it goes in the bucket to see that the black crap is flushed out.. if you really want to get nutty, you can remove the thermostats and put the cover back on, and buy new stats, for when you are done..  

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