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Memorial Day 1918


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sadly this new generation has no concept of the sacrifices made years gone by so they can have the freedom taken for granted. worst off is the fact that part of history and much other isn't taught in schools anymore. my step daughter is a teacher ;has been told teaching transgender  is more important!!!!! what the F----K

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My grandpa never talked about the war, other than to express frustrations about being in an anti-aircraft division & hearing enemy planes, KNOWING where they were going, but being unable to fire upon them until it went up the chain of command & orders to fire came back...but by then the planes were long gone. That and his frustrations with the Red Cross, who would charge soldiers for donuts & coffee (USO tent they were free). As such, upon returning home grandpa never gave a dime to the Red Cross, and supported the USO every chance he got.

It wasn't until after he died that we learned he had only spent a brief moment in anti-aircraft before being transferred to a bridge carpentry unit (makes sense, given he was a carpenter upon returning home right up until his heart attack...and he continued to be a woodworker making various crafts for the church, family, friends, and just as a hobby). He also earned 4 bronze stars (which we never knew about) during his time in Europe.

He was very adamant about one thing...he did NOT want "full military honors" at his funeral. No flag-draped casket. No Taps. No 21-gun salute. He didn't feel as though he'd earned that right BECAUSE he came home, and thought it would diminish the meaning of those honors for the boys who returned home in boxes. We honored that requestm although the VFW did provide my grandma with a burial flag, it was not draped over his casket.

The more I learned after his death, the more curious I was about what exactly he saw & did over there. Whatever it was, he took those memories to his grave.

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