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EA 7 E tec 470

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Saw a more modern Mack that caught my interest 

Has  EA 7 E tech motor, Mack 18 speed

Probably wont purchase but I spotted it for sale a few weeks ago and it's still rolling about in my head 

So are these motors any good ?

It's 2001 build in Australia, so Im saying it could be as old as 1999 and only fitted to a new truck in 2001

What I mean is, Mack Australia buys, or at least did buy motors trans and major components in bulk lots and fitted them to ne trucks as required 

I dunno if the 18 speeds are as good as the 12 speeds or the E7 as good as the E6

My reasons for that comment is we dont see as many requests for help for E6 or 12 speed transmissions on here

That been said, there wont be as many E6 or 12 speeds in everyday work as E7 and 18 speeds


So some thoughts on these motors please


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G'day Paul,

run 2 etechs myself, know of probably 10 others locally running them also. Really good motors. If and when something does go a stray, parts are still readily available and reasonably priced, especially pai..

Our 470 is the same as the 460 in the states.

Mack 18spd also good box. As long as it's not abused, same as everything else in life. Bit dearer to repair than a road ranger, but a bloody strong box.

Anyway I'm sure Joey Mack will be a long shortly, let's see if he can't sidetrack this topic🤣🤣

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So far I will stay on 'topic'..  Adkat, you make me laugh..  and your right too...  I can sidetrack anything lately..   


OK.. as far as the E-Tech in question..  Adkat,  You said it right, in my opinion..  Yes to PAI parts, I have built 7 Mack engines so far, with PAI parts, and they run good, and fitment is 'spot-on'. The engine kits have twice as many parts and gaskets as the Mack kits.. for half the price..


The Mack tranny's are very strong,  Good maintenance of the oil, air valves and shift cyl. o-rings, will allow the synchro to last a lot longer.. Yes, very expensive to fix compared to an Eaton..                  How'my doin' Adkat ? 🍻

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So these 18 speeds, do we just slam them thru the gears like a Road Ranger or is clutching required for a long life on some shifts ?

I know nothing about these transmissions or gear boxes so before jumping into another stupid project I dont really need or have time for I thought some responsible or perhaps irresponsible research 

The truck appears original, as in not butchered and hacked up which to me is always a good starting point , once things are fairly buggered with it can become a huge job every step along the way 

Motors rebuilt 150,000 miles ago and trans 180,000 miles ago, to me thats not a huge concern as the trucks over 20 years old

It's  106 tons rating, so almost as tough as my R model and comes in pretty heavy at 11 ton tare

Only down side to me is the back end is rockwell, and air bags that I have zero experience with

Anyway I will mull it over for a bit



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Paul,, I was taught to double clutch, and I'm pretty good at it..  I take a lot of crap because I double clutch..  I dont care..  anyway, Mack trannys are not as smooth as Eaton's.  The splitter doesnt require double clutching, just flip the button and, off + on with the throttle, and away you go..  Since I am not a full time driver with decades of full time driving, I reluctantly make comments on how to shift..  As a Mechanic for decades, I have opinions,  I have seen a lot of chewed of trannys and drivelines.. 

I am quite sure you will drive this tranny like a pro.. I hope im still 'on-track'  :) 

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Back when (heaven forbid) Volvo first came out with N and F series and probably the G series as well there transmissions were not well regarded and didn't last at all in Australia 

These were full syncro boxes and were smooth like a car, but Australian truck drivers dont use clutches as only girls dicks use a clutch, anyway this was the weak spot for Volvo, when the clutch was used they lasted a million miles

With a 12 speed Mack I clutch some gears in some situations, big loads, hard changes on big hills and so on, theres a huge amount of strain if I mess the change up and clunk it in a bit heavy

Some blokes laugh but it's cheaoer than fixing stuff, hence my questions about these boxes as the have some synchros, dunno much about them though

Thanks for your replies Joey



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The main box is not synchronized, the back box is..  its a 9 spd. box with a 2 spd. splitter, 'if you will'..    your biggest ''Girly Dick'' fan...  Jojo :) 

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I am guilty of never clutching unless coming out of lo hole. We ran lots of 18 speed macks and they're very reliable. Syncros last around 600,000 miles for us but that's lots of shifting as they're route trucks for milk pickup. Typically a million miles is 40,000 hours. 

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