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Thing of the past.

High Binder

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I really thought Covid was pretty much behind us until the wife started feeling bad. We have taken every precaution possible and still wear our mask in public to avoid contracting the virus. Needless to say, the wife is about 10 days in and I'm now a week into it. I have to say that I feel the worst I've felt in years and I don't wish the virus on anyone. It is really kicking my a$$ to the point I may have to make a trip to the ER. I'm afraid they will admit me to the hospital or I would go now. I found out that the virus has made a resurgence in our little part of the world and we are considered in the "Red zone". Just a warning, don't let your guard down on this virus, especially the old farts like me.  

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Bummer man ! We had a vax program here I and my wife chose to both be  vaxed ! It hits some people hard some   not some not at all ! Its a real smart bug! You can pack it a round and hand it off to the next person with out knowing it! Have a niece that got it  march 2021 still struggling with after affects! 

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It kicked my A$$ all of March 2021..  I almost went to the hospital as well.. I still have trouble breathing some days and my ears are permanently clogged due to the many ear infections during COVID and the long COVID..  I I posted a topic on this back then.. not gonna lie....  I was a little scared, 

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