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Mack Truck pricing in 1962

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I have a several hundred page Mack Salesman's book from the early 60's. In searching out other models that have a RADL 515 rear, I came across these pages on pricing for the then newly announced F Model.  Enjoy!


Scan_F Mack 1.jpg

Scan_F Mack 2.jpg

Scan_F Mack 3.jpg

Scan_F Mack 4.jpg

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A heater with defrost was a $185 option. 🤣 I guess if you operated only in Southern California or Florida you probably wouldn't need it but you would really be pinching pennies not to select that option. 

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Back than heater delete was common.

My 65 falcon came from Florida and had heater delete. No heat/ defrost/vent controls in dash at all.

All it had was the fresh air boxes under the dash with a door you opened for fresh air on floor area .

when you are up to your armpits in alligators,

it is hard to remember you only came in to drain the swamp..

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Plus it says it adds 47 pounds of weight to the truck. 47 pounds here. 23 pounds over there. 34 pounds back there all adds up. If you were running bulk haul or paid by tonnage I could see where shaving all unnecessary weight off the truck could be very significant over the life of the truck.

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I can  remember for a years when I was a kid and a young teenager car ads would a lot of time include R and H all the way up to around 1970 … you wonder with this design what took them so long to design a conventional to match… Bob

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