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Turbo Boost Failure


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I'm at a loss! I have a 2007 CXN613 that loses boost for some reason. 

I've replaced turbo, air-to-air, piping to turbo, rebuilt VTG valve.

When I start out, I have nearly 40 pounds of boost, then, 10 minutes or 4 hours, no rhyme or reason, it just loses pressure until I pull over and shut it down. After I restart, its good for a short time until it drops again  ....

Any ideas?

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Has the boost sensor been replaced? If so, was the correct part number installed?  Also, have you replaced the little air filter for the VGT actuator? 

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9 minutes ago, Lew said:

It's not storing any codes and yes I replaced the turbo filter....

Un plug the EGR Valve and see if this changes your situation! This is a test it will throw a constant code but try it!

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