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How to find the original OEM Part number out of the French PN version of a Mack E9

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Hello experts,

I have a list of the French (Renault) part number from a mack E9 engine.

I am not sure where to find the cross reference of the american OEM part number.

For exemple


Injection pump (5010248833)

Oil water exchanger (5010248760)

Supercharging aircooler manifold LH (5010248763)

Supercharging aircooler manifold RH (5010248762)

Rotating unit water pump (5001860282)

Hydraulic pump (5010248153)

Hydrostatic oil tank (5010248761)

Turbo charger HP LH (5010323905)

Turbo charger HP RH (5010323701)

Turbo charger BP LH (5010323702)

Turbo charger BP RH (5010323906)

Wiring harness (5010438497)


Does someone have some tips, please?

Thank you very much.

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Do you have a VIN? A Mack dealership would be your best resource. They'll ask for the "last six" of the vin, but you'll want to have them run the full vin as it will likely have a different country code or something weird.

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The issue is the truck is Renault. Not a Mack so no help from Mack dealership.

The part numbers listed look like Renault/Volvo (newer Mack numbers). Seems worth trying checking out them at a Mack dealer (in the States) for possible luck. Otherwise it would be too difficult to find that info since I belive it does exist but as an in-factory know-how. Which is not supposed to be shared with customers. It's supposed that a Renault customer goes to a Renault dealer having his Renault's VIN.

Looking the list of parts I can say a bit. The injection pump has a plate riveted to its housing. It's Robert Bosch inline pump with Bosch number on the plate and it can be tracked in Bosch parts list (and related to a pump off a Mack this way). Oil-water exchanger is a typical E9 part which didn't have major (or any?) changes during the production years and can be swapped in from a Mack. I don't know what those manifolds are. If they're on-engine parts (intake manifolds) they must be the same on a Mack. If they're air pipes which go to/from the intercooler they're special to Renault. But can be custom made of a steel (SS) or alu pipe. Water pipe it the most probably almost similar to the US part since there was no need to modify it. Hydraulic pump is difficult to comment since I don't know which pump is that. The power steering pump used on Renault was different than on a Mack (but similar in overall style so may be possible to use maybe with some modifying). Same with the air compressor (it's not pointed in the list). Renault used Wabco European made compressor which differs with what was used in the US. But seemed of similar fitment (better to check that if needed). No hydrostatic oil tanks were used on Macks I belive and the turbocharger used by Renault was different than on a Mack (or very similar but installed rotated left to right). Definitely no wiring harnesses suitable for use on Renault could be found from a Mack truck.

Telling more there were two versions of E9 engines used in Renaults. Mechanical 520hp and later electronically controlled 560hp (probably something of the kind Mack used on E7 and called V-Mac). But Mack didn't offer such E9's on the North American market. This means two mods had different injection pumps. And no chance to adopt the electronic one from a US made truck (or a US dealer).

I wanted to install E9 engine in one of my Mack trucks and bought a unit off a Renault (what was possible to do at location where I am). I partly disassembled the engine and could relate its parts to what was used in Macks. So now I can tell something. But way far from being able to tell everything.


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All Renault Magnums were produced after 1990 or 1991 (or so). They only used in-line Bosch pumps. Mech 520hp pump model was PES8P120A920 with Bosch part # 0 402 748 807.

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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If you haven't already found the info you're after, most Renault #'s can be ordered by a Mack dealer. They need to add the prefix 4103- [Renault#].

I've tried the #'s you added but none came up. All E9's I've looked up had a 316GC274DX water pump though, 10 currently available. Everything else would need the VIN, even if it were a Renault VIN.

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