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Unishift maintenance

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I`ve about given up on finding a nice B61 s/a tractor and am looking at a B67 w/ Unishift trans.So this setup has an air cylinder that needs frequent water draining,as well as an alcohol evaporator?Is that something that you fill w/ alcohol on a regular schedule? Thanks.

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Most B67 had the contour cab and are even tighter inside compared to the std cab.  Just a heads up if you need leg, stomach, or head room.


I'm not sure about all the maintenance of the unishift.  Shouldn't be too bad especially for a hobby truck.  I guess the first thing I would investigate is the air compressor.  If it's worn and pumps a lot of oil that could be an issue with sludge building up.


Before rebuilding my compressor, it would make milkshakes in the air tanks in short order.   My air wiper cylinder was packed up and they didn't work well til I pulled it apart and cleaned everything.


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Vehicles left out in the rain with the shift tower exposed WILL draw moisture which settles to the bottom and then freeze in the winter thus cracking the bottom of the unit. Farm tractors, especially John Deere's were famous for this!!!! 


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