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Oversized injectors


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Has anyone put bigger injectors in a 2VH EM6-300? I’ve pulled the heads to replace head gaskets and fire rings. It’s going back together with head studs, I’m debating sending the injectors to a guy to have them worked over a bit and putting a little bigger turbo back on it for some extra power. Does anyone have any thoughts/info on this? How much hp are these engines good for?

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Yea I was going to say the highest factory rating you ever really saw any Mack engine(excluding E9) prior to the E7 was 350. The introduction of the E7 and more specifically VMAC probably is what allowed them to go above 350. You are also kind of limited with the 2 valve head......

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Just now, theakerstwo said:

That engine was easy to twist the crank line bore out of aligment when getting more power than factory.

Yes, as I said "tweaking" causes issues! Junk that engine at that point. It is a lot harder to do that to an E9 but plenty of those got junked from turning them up to far. Ever seen one pop head bolts? Not hard to do.

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