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Fuel leveling valve shaft seal


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33 minutes ago, Joey Mack said:

ok,,,,  get the fuel level to about half a tank,  have both valves shut off, on hook the hose at the bad valve, have the new one ready with a good dose of thread sealer on it,  break the bad fitting loose then snug it back up lightly. Now get a helper and a shop vac, have the helper hold the shop vac over the fill hole tightly,,, then let suction build up for a few seconds. once this is done, keep the vac going, and swap the fitting.... the vac will suck air into the bung where the fitting goes, this will allow you to change the valve with little mess...   this also works for replacing coolant sensors...   jojo

The other option you may have!  is to back the gland nut out and stuff It with a leather shoe lace around  the tap shaft  and re install the nut just something to try if its leaking around the tap shaft! DO IT When the tank is low!

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