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96 EM7-300 all mechanical. Periodically oil drips out exhaust side of turbo then stops. Had turbo off nothing leaking into compressor side, no slop in shaft. Get a terrible squealing noise when truck hits 1600 rpm when driving it. While parked and revving to 1600 cannot get engine to make this noise it’s only when driving. Any ideas?

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take a look at the top right corner of the C.A.C.  right where the core and side tank seem/joint is...  do you have a way to remove the boot on the turbo and put 20 PSI into the C.A.C.? maybe use a p.v.c. pipe cap that is the same size as the inside diameter as the C.A.C. boot on the turbo, and drill and tap a 1/4 n.p.t. hole in it for a fitting and put shop air to it using a regulator.. use a really good clamp to hold the plug in the boot...  it can pop out and hurt you or break something on the truck.  My tester has small cables to hook to the truck in the case it pops out under pressure.. then you can check the C.A.C., boots, pipes, and intake gaskets, with Windex.. Jojo

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