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Check the tag on the carrier where you find the ratio you should see a CRD 92 and CRD 93 there are other series of carriers those CRD numbers have to match also the axle spline there is a difference between early and late 17 spline deep v cut and shallow cut input shafts and yoke as well as torque arms may differ there are a few things to match up but is generally doable

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On 8/7/2021 at 7:58 AM, Gravelguy413 said:

Can carriers from a 38k suspension be swapped into 44k axle housings ? Is there any difference between the two carriers?

The carriers can be swapped from 38k to 44k axle housings. Mack top mounted carriers are swappable all the way from 34k - 58k axle housings. The only unique version is 65k axle housing with CRD95/96 carriers. These won't fit on any other axle housing or vice-versa.

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