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Steering wheel gets out of alignment


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The  KW t880 I drive is a construction truck, ( belly and side dumps, lowboy ) so we run on the hyway and off road , onsite.  Every now and then after easing thru a mud hole or over a dirt berm  the steering wheel will get 45 to 90 degree off of normal ( usually clockwise).  I can see nothing bent or no movement in the front springs or axle . It drives and handles like normal , no slop. Then after driving it for ,sometime only a few loads or maybe a couple days it gets itself back to the normal position .   Any ideas?  Something in the steering box ?  

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Sounds like your steering gear is past worn out. Almost sounds like a shock load to the suspension causes the pitman shaft to jump a tooth in it's mesh with the mating gearset. Another shock load causes it to jump back. 

If this is the case you best cease operating the truck before somebody gets hurt, or worse. 


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First thing to check is look at the drivers side spring and see if its slipping on the axle.It is very common for the spring tie bolt to shear if ubolts get loose.Also look at the yoke which is splined onto the steering shaft to see if its loose on the shaft and slipping back and forth on the shaft spline.

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glenn akers

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Thanks for the replies.  I have looked at the pitman arm, the spines in and out of steering box , my first thought was that the center bolt on the spring broke, but again I see no movement. I will look everything over again and check out the steering box also. Thanks .   Mike

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