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Do the new Autocar DC and Kenworth T880 share the same cab or supplier?

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Even though the Autocar and Kenworth are owned by separate companies, their cabs look very similar except for the rear windows on the Autocar.

Is it possible that the cabs are supplied by the same company or there is some agreement between the two companies?

Even the door handles and where the fenders meets the cab is very similar.



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Kind of reminds me of the Mack B/Studebaker/Reo and IH KB's. White coup cab and the Mack A model and EH front windshields. Look up Orville body works where there is an extensive write up on their various truck cab productions. Orville made the B, H and G model cabs and may bee the L models as well. Sheller Globe made the R model cabs. The F's were  made in house but there seems to be a lot of influence (similarities) to the Budd  cab used by Ford and Mack.  Incedently I believe the Budd Cab stamping plant was near by in Philadelphia. The IH comfort cab was made by Chicago Cab I believe.

Peterbilt and KW were stamped steel and aluminum riveted and welded together in house it appears. Freightliners were fabricated aluminum made by Consolidated Freightways. I believe Boeing had an influence on KW stamping and riveting fabrication. This is the way I remember it though I may be wrong on just about everything.🙃

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You are correct on the Compfovision being stamped by Chicago Cab Co. The IH Compfovision cab that Diamond T used was slightly different in the cab mount area as they assembled them at the DT plant whereas everybody else bought the assembled cab from IH.


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