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12 speed Q

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Picked up a 12 speed from a salvage yard today that was said to have low miles but who knows. I planned on replacing all of the air lines just because they are old. What else needs to be checked or should be replaced before putting it into the truck? Trying to avoid having to pull it back out to repair or replace something that should have been checked when it was out.

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12 speed is a dandy dump truck trans 5 speeds for reverse is a wonderful thing ! 

some Things to watch for have been mentioned ,to add to the list pull the counter shaft caps check the rear bearings For pitting replace as necessary these can be done with out other disassembly, if you are removing the air shift to re oring check the reverse gears, the idlers also can be replaced or turned around if need be to reused with out to much disassembly the reverse gear and  these idlers  used to take a beating when drivers were impatient and didn't wait till the truck was static before shifting to reverse! otherwise The trans was decent!

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