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How to track down air leaks?

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45 minutes ago, Dmurph2016 said:

Didn’t see any, I’ll have to get some wood under there and do some looking around 

That's a J & J  there's a body prop right to the left (driver's side) of your hoist. That should swing up into position and will stop an EMPTY body from crushing you.   Trust me on this one kid.... if you have enough brains to figure get'n under an unsupported body is a lousy idea ?  you can probably do better finding an air leak than you think

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2 minutes ago, MackTech said:

You said it only drops air when the lift axle is in the up position right? If so it very likely will be on the lift bag portion of the lift axle setup.

I haven’t tried keeping the axle down and seeing if the pressure drops still, But yes, keeping it in the up position, come back out 2 hours later the axle is down and there is less 70-60 psi on the gauge. So there’s a big enough leak that when the pressure gets too low the axles just going to drop. I guess I’ll have to check the bags/ hoses out next 

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I saw a guy killed under a dump body that fell on him when I was fairly young.  Never forgot that.

If you block it up, use huge, solid pieces of wood.  Don't take chances under that thing.  I don't think a 4X4 is near big enough.  The mechanic at our shop had 10X10 and 12X12 timbers he used under those things.  He also had some steel-framed contraption he made that worked under certain bodies.

Be careful.  Gravity's a bitch.

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"Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

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