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2001 mack ch613 air buzzer


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I've got an 01 ch613 (dump truck now) the D.O.T just shut down the truck today for the low air pressure buzzer was inoperative the light works fine and the buzzer will off and on if you slap the top of the dash. The buzzer is in the instrument cluster and not replaceable mack says. The cluster is about 800 but 5 weeks out here in our area. I'm looking to see if someone can tell me what wires at the back of the cluster I could tie into to install a different buzzer or where the buzzer gets its signal from. Just need to get the truck back in operation the odds of running into the same cop here are very good. I appreciate any help.

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OK....I've been here before.... What I did was go to the pressure switch behind the pedals. "T" in a 1/8" NPT "T" buy a low air pressure switch and install it in the "T".. its the same switch that turns the brake lights off when air pressure is up.  i put the extra switch in in the case the original goes bad, I don't lose 2 functions... you can buy a buzzer for a late 90's CH ( it's a green square thing) It has a positive and negative post. so you just need to figure that out, and wire it into the switch and zip tie it above the pedals some where... you can also put a 10amp fuse in a holder in-line if you feel the need to protect it. it will buzz until pressure reaches about 85 PSI...  it takes about an hour to do this, you can "mock" the whole thing on the work bench and then install it into the "T" fitting.  I think those buzzers are less than $30.00 so for around $50 bucks you will have a buzzer, thats replaceable.... Jojo              P.S. 880joe is right about one or the other low air warnng.. dont know what The D.O.T. officer was thinking, ..

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Good call Jojo...... I have also done the same thing before to make the buzzer operational after the cluster takes a dump...always seems to be the air alarm but everything else works fine 😒..... just when I looked up the buzzer I used an RB690S vin lol that’s horrible the DOT officer is a dick and will probably hassle you if you don’t make the buzzer operational again......

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