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Wheel/Hub identification help?


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My first posting on this really amazing site. I’ve casually browsed here on and off. The dog runs deep in my blood. Used to bug the crap out of the guys in the shop at the dealer when I was a kid. “What’s this for” What does that do?” 

I’ve owned a couple B models and two or three R models over the years. I currently have a 1980 RS686; an ex-mixer. I’d love to have a B83SX and while I think my favorite are the RB series with setback axle (not sure I’ve ever seen one out West here), I’ll stick with what I’ve got and enjoy it.

This leads me to a question about steer axle wheels, tires and hubs. Hoping someone can help identify the rims and spoked brake hubs on the green R model in the attached picture. My truck is the red R model. I would like to install the wheel assemblies identical to the green one on my red one. Anyone happen to have a pair (set of parts & pieces) taking up space or know where I could source them? What’s involved in swapping them?

Much appreciated!




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13 hours ago, ThermoDog said:

Let’s see if I have this right ~
Dayton six spoke hub attaches to the brake drum with six nuts. Rim attaches to the hub with six clamps. I need:

2 rims for 425’s

12 clamps & nuts

2 six spoke hubs

2 hub covers

2 brake drums

Is that about it? 

I think that covers it plus a couple wheel seals

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11 hours ago, Joey Mack said:

Hello Alex.. Have you got one of these dust shields?  I am working on an '86 RW and the owner wants them put on the rears. I have 3, Go figure 🤔 Thanks, Jojo


I saw you were looking for one of them unfortunately I don't have one

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