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RW, CH, CX, fuel tank wanted.

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Looking for a nice left side fuel tank for my Superliner. Need a 25" round, and anywhere between 56 to 67" long. They are about 134 gallon tanks. Nothing dented, patched, and no corrosion please. Center fill top draw. The sending unit is 49" back and fits behind the two rear straps. These tanks where used on the RW, CH, CX. Since I don't really want it shipped, the closer to Pittsburgh PA. The better. 



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With all that is needed in a tank for you only a new one will work. Never seen a used tank without dents, or corrosion at least around the straps being used on a truck around Pennsylvania.

Alumitank can make you a new one and you get everything you want. They really do make a nice tank and do what ever you specify. The second set of tanks on my Superliner were made by them and are perfect.

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