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R Model Air System


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Good Day

Does anyone have any diagrams or schematics of the R model air system. We have an R797 that we are trying to restore to original, over the year the air system has become a mess. On that note any wiring diagrams would also be greatly appreciated


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Something to remember is different parts of the world had different air brake requirements to Australia 

I dont think they will be a lot different but ?

The UK and at a guess Europe as well had three air lines going to their trailers, not sure what the third air line did, have asked before but never had a good answer 

So some extra things to think about, Swishmans picture should be a good start



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That image is a good start, thanks. Our trucks came through Australia but only has two lines to the trailer.

We have a trailer brake lever fitted and the truck brake on the steering column. I'm presuming those are doing the task of the system park and trailer park knobs of the never models. I don't  know what the trailer control valve in the image is.



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Knobs are for operating the spring parking brake.   The levers would operate either the trailer service brakes or the tractor service brakes (rear axles only, not steering). These levers are to help maintain control of the vehicle incase of emergency situations such as jack knifing.

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