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1954 Mack B20P Possibly selling a bunch of parts (Video)

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That’s a nice little truck.  I watched the video.  Not a whole lot of B20’s around.  You probably already know it was the smallest B model made but the sheet metal was the same as the bigger trucks.    It is not likely that anyone would want most of the part you are replacing unless someone is rebuilding a B20.  The engine has no guts and I assume it has hydraulic brakes.  The bumper is not original but the grill guard is and someone will want that.  The winch would have value too.  I would potentially buy the hub caps if you are willing to ship them. You might be better putting the cab on a newer chassis with everything you have planned.  I have never done a project like that.  Be careful if you have not.  A lot of nice trucks get taken apart and end up a pile of junk that never gets finished.  If you are going to get it running consider driving it around the way it is.  See what you think.  The problem with that is the brakes would need going through and that is a lot of work and expense that would be wasted if you replace the axles.  
good luck.  Mike. 

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Thanks for sharing with the video.  Your truck so it’s your vision.  Agree you could make a really nice resto rod but with such a great body I’d think just drop in a diesel motor and do the brakes.  Mike’s probably right, if you like the body and don’t care about the rest too much it’s way easier to put the body on a late model chassis - Dodge Ram or even a school bus.  As for value, gas engines are all over and the mechanical stuff is always out there so not very rare or valuable.   Good luck and thanks again for sharing! 

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