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Well it’s been pointed out on this forum before that Mack was rated at hp to the ground and the rest were at the flywheel. That’s the only reason that I know of. 

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5 hours ago, james j neiweem said:

Why were the E9's able to pull so well? They were out torqued by the big block Cummins and Cats. Was it RPM's gearing etc.

It is well know that  there is claimed horsepower & torque then there is real horsepower & torque. The other engine manufactures claimed it Mack really made it.

The E9 stock had a low 1900rpm governor as compared to 2400rpm with the older ENDT866. Govern an E9 at 2500rpm, add a turbo or two, like the military version and look out it came alive with 750-950hp reliably and dependably.

There are many stories of a 350 Mack out pulling a 400 or 425hp of this or that engine maker. Same for the E9 way more than a few stories of just seeing tail lights and a distinct sound passing by. I think Mack under rated more than a few of their engines to sort of keep place with the pack. The E9 was sure capable of more than 500hp and easily be tuned to do so as a few guys knew how to. This was back when all injection pumps were mechanical and a simple screw turn could make a big difference. Emissions had to do with engine ratings & fuel consumption with lower being better, Right? Who actually tested individual truck as they do now back then?  

In Detroit Ford, Chrysler & GM played games with HP & Torque rating of the 426 and 427 big blocks. All the Hi-performance engine were rated at 425-450hp but most put out more. Think in this case it was a governmental and insurance line that had to be towed and not exceeded.  

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