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Chassis corrosion and detailing

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I have an R model fire truck that is generally in good shape. There is some rust on the chassis and other underbody components. Has anyone used the rust encapsulating products like those sold by Eastwood. Do they do a good job of stopping the rust? My plan was to use this material then touch up the paint and follow it up with Waxoyl. What have other people done to preserve and freshen up under their trucks? It is a fire truck so access is limited to a lot of the chassis and it will all have to be done from underneath on a creeper.

Any advice is appreciated. 


Edited by 1979 R685/Pierce
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i have used Eastwoods rust converter #51676 ZP and was not impressed with it. Their rust encapsulator platinum may be better and is UV resistant.  I wonder about the aluminum pigment in it.This may be just for the UV. Some use POR-15. I understand it now comes in colors and may be UV resistant now. My first choice would be the POR -15.since you are going to paint over it.

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