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1979 R685/Pierce

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  1. Would you sell the upholstery pieces? What kind of condition is it in?
  2. 1987 Marmon 57p with Pierce pumper tanker body. Refurbished in 2011. Still in active service. A beautiful truck and one of a kind!
  3. This trucks replacement was in the 2016 Pierce calendar. I believe it was Miss May.
  4. This is mine. It is in very good condition. It was not a forced retirement, just time to be replaced with a truck with an automatic transmission. R685, 5 Speed Maxitorque. The truck was too nice and I had to preserve it.
  5. I missed this. If these are still available I am interested.
  6. Wanted-R Model tan vinyl door panels, both sides, preferably with arm rests.
  7. Caption and credit is incorrect on this photo. This is its current configuration. Caption and content info is for older image also in album,
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