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A little breeze


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 This unlucky fella had a cross wind get him on south bound I-15 in northern Montana last week.  Winds were 50 - 60 MPH with gusts 75 - 85 .    One station just east of Marias pass had gusts recorded at 106 MPH.      I don't believe the driver got hurt in this roll over.     


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Windshield looks to have a body size “I’m getting the H€|| outta here NOW!” hole pushed through it. 

You guys get some wild winds out on the plains. Spent a fall night with my pop-up camper hunting out in the Montana sage. Duct taped the windy side seams of the vinyl castle to stop the cross wind blasting through it. Middle of the night I woke up....swear I felt both stabilizers and a wheel rock up off the earth. Wasn’t a dream because I heard my Dad holler from the other bunk.

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