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Will not crank over and wipers don't work

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Good afternoon!  Having problems with my 05 CV713 AMI 370. Just started all the sudden and seems to be related to the windshield wipers? Sounds crazy but I got in it this morning it started fine, turned it off came back would not crank.  I get power with switch on to dash, everything except wiper motor. Messed with it all day, thought I found a bad switch connection at solenoid and put a new connector on it, started up and wipers worked fine.  Shut it off and came back a few minutes later it started up but when I went to turn the wipers on I got a lighting bolt, not wipers with 1-6 code, no power to starter. lighting bolt only comes on when you try to turn wipers on, turn wiper switch off lighting bolts goes off but still have problem. Turned it off and now it will not start again and no power to wiper motors.  Solenoid is good/new and you can jump it and it'll start right up.  Any clues???  Anyone??

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Thanks Joe, the solenoid was jumping fine.  Just got threw working on it.  It was a stud on the solenoid.  It was slightly stripped. Those nuts are slim so they don't grab a lot of threads anyway.  It would snug up but after the engine ran the vibrations would loosen it up. Took me forever to figure it out.

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Here is a link to the diagnostic code 1-6 troubleshooting steps. The manual is free to download from mack. Simply click the View File link in the description and it should download.


On Page 101 of the document (112 of the PDF) it shows you the starter circuit followed by some troubleshooting steps that might help you find the problem. The top half of figure 92 is for your CV713. Ignore the bottom half circuit its for other models

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