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someone needs to save this CF!!

tjc transport

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It actually looks like the crew cab is designed as a factory option instead of just a metal box someone stuck on the end to make an existing cab a crew cab... it’s not often I’ve seen a 4 door CF with matching doors all around... if I had $3000 handy and less of a hatred for New Jersey I think I’d be on my way there to pick up this thing! Depending how long this lasts I just might... I’ve got some old friends up that way I haven’t seen in a while, just have to get the money together... but maybe that’s just me daydreaming of a Jay Leno size collection of Macks...

Who needs a back yard when you could have a :mack1: Yard?!

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There were several companies out there who would do refurbs using factory doors. Murphy as mentioned. JC Moore in Allentown was another one and also ITE did a few back in the day. Oreland, Pennsylvania had twins who's doors sheet metal came all the way down to the bottom of the cab. 


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