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U joint at steering box help


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I'm thinking that my u joint at the box is bad because I have a spot now that locks them let's go and makes a loud pop.if I look at the box and joint with someone moving the wheel back and 4the joint slips around the top of the shaft about a half inch ..anybody have this problem before. Been on a rough haul dump truck in sand pot holes wild driver with lead foot.im hoping it's not the box 

Oh 2000 rd690 E7 auto

Thanks for the help 

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No it hasn't been off I'm thinking that the rough job has beat it up and caused it to slip more then it should move on the gear box shaft..cause driving it some times it doesn't even get to that point where it has that little bite of lock 

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Yes turning on the shaft about half inch 

I didn't  know that the yoke that goes on the shaft had splines so maybe the splines are worn 

I going to try and remove the yoke from the top of the shaft and see what things look like 

But I know if I have the truck up on the jack with no pressure on the steering it turns free no binding or locking 

Mack dealer said could come from pot holes on the job binding the u joint set up beyond its travel and wild driver trying to fly on job site which I know they do I've gotten on them before for the same reason 

I'll try to get a picture of the problem thanks 

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Ok guys update truck has been fixed


Turns out the pin in the spring pak on driver side was broken and the u joints on the top of gear box and inside can was worn out no splines left inside them 

Replace and truck is back working like a dog lol


Thanks guys 

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