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Another EUP question

Hook n ladder 1

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You don’t need cal codes to run well. Every OEM has been unable to answer the question “so why do you have cal codes”. IMO, It’s mostly a money game. Mack factory said it has to do with EUP unique volume, but that was the factory trainers best guess. Everyone else says they think it has something to do with emissions. Liehberr got rid of cal codes. Cat gives you a CD of what they call “trim” codes. JDeere still has them and includes uploading serial numbers of injectors so they can trace them on satellite. 

my understanding is a unit injector or EUP is considered a field service item, so they can’t render a machine unusable without plug and play. 

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12 hours ago, Hook n ladder 1 said:

So the truck starts fine and runs great but idles like a pig.  Could this be caused by not putting in the cal code?

Won't likely change your issue ! Having said that I have had good idling engines come in for a cam change due to lifter failure and leave the shop with (a lope )At Idle I was never able to cure this  issue so if there are suggestions on this I'm All Ears as well! I'm All Ears as well

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