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Shifter boot

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I want to make sure I have this correct. Does the shifter boot in an r model mount on top of the floor pan? Or does it secure to the underside of the pan?  Does it get secured to the pan then the carpet and finally the ring using different fasteners?  So that the boot remains in place if you need to remove the ring and carpet.  It probably gets sandwiched to the pan by the ring carpet, but want to be sure. Nobody wants water or a draft.

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Yes, as said above. The boot tops on the pan and than you put sheet metal frame on top of it and secure with machine screws. My R has a carpet from the factory but now its condition doesn't allow to judge it was atop of the boot retainer originally or below. More looks like 1st case.

The boots itself are a mystery to me. There are two styles of them (both avalible from PAI). One is a small rectangular shape and another is elliptic on its sides. And twice larger. The 1st one is what I have in the R. The 2nd one is installed in MH but I saw some pics of Superliners (and R's ?) with that big one either.

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