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Are there any grill options from Mack for the Anthem and Pinnacle? Can't say I am sold on the bow tie grill for the Pinnacle. The old horizontal bars on the CH Pinnacle looked great. Have not seen any bow tie Pinnacles on the road as of yet. Also I never likes the grill on the US Titan. It was not as sharp as the Aussie grills. Which brings to mind would Aussie bonnets fit on the CH?🙂

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Up to this week, all of the Pinnacles with set forward axle have been coming with the old grill style used since the CH days. Funny thing I have noticed is that the screw pattern for the grill is the same as old grill on the Pinnacle set forward. I will have a look to see if the screw pattern for Anthem is the same. Would be interesting to see what a CH grille would look on an Anthem.

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Just found out yesterday the grill on an Anthem will only fit an Anthem. The Anthem hood doesn't have a lower fiberglass section below the grill that goes from right fender to left fender like CH,CX etc hoods do. The shell is wide open below the grill. It's the grill and supporting brackets that bridge the gap below the grill between fenders. The newer set forward pinnacles I've seen seem the same as old stuff.

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