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RD822sx dash relay solenoid

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Does anybody have the Mack part number for the dash solenoid on a 1985 RD822SX? I’m pretty sure all R models are the same. 

I just picked one up from my local Mack dealer and it looks nothing like the one that came off the truck. I just want to make sure the parts guy sold me a continuous duty solenoid and not a starter solenoid. 

The new part number he gave me is 8609-98226wr.

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On 4/16/2018 at 3:45 PM, kscarbel2 said:

No, the one they gave me has the poles around the radius.

I’m just concerned that they gave me a starter solenoid, of which most can only handle intermittent use. 

I usually deal with Watts, but need this ASAP, and didn’t want to wait on shipping. Our local Mack Dealer (McMahon) are idiots.

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Grainger has the original style which was manufactured by White-Rogers. PAI also has the original style. PAI #MSW-1245 for four pole continuous duty. MSW-1246 for three pole. These are the original R model styles mouting under the panel on the top of the dash.

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On 4/18/2018 at 7:02 AM, kscarbel2 said:

I meant, what does the original look like?

Yes, the original does look like that. It was a White Rogers. The one from Mack has nothing on it except a sticker that says 12v.

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Typically the starter relay is a 2MR338 with 1 small post, and the accessory relay is a similar looking unit (2MR350) albeit with 2 small posts. But then your V8-equipped RD8 has a 24-volt starting system. I’d want an experience Mack parts person to double check it.

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I just replaced the dash solenoid in one of my Macks . I told the parts man I wanted a 2MR2114 solenoid. He gave me a Mack/Volvo part # of 8609-98226WR, the same part # as the very first post. The part however looks nothing like the original. I just wanted to share this and some pics for the next person that thinks they may have the wrong part ( like me ) .  Good news is it goes on no problem, and works like it should . :twothumbsup:

This is the original 



This is the new one 






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