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Rattling sound when hitting bumps on gu713 tandem dump

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Some times these rattles can be a resonance issue. Have someone sit in the cab and slowly run the engine rpm up and down. Have another person outside listen for rattling sounds at different rpm's. Resonance will usually be a higher pitch

buzzing sound and will occur at a specific RPM or range of RPM. When found tighten, lubricate or shim. Rattling in the rear end would more likely be more of a clunking sound. Camel backs will rattle but usually after thousands of miles of

wear on suspension parts.

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Did you find out what that rattle was? Mine is doing exactly same, replaced all shocks airbags etc. Granite CT713 ,E7 460 engine ,18 speed maxitorque, 350000 km on it.

Anyone have any idea where to look?


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