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floor mat

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I don't like to gouge people. If the buyer is good people, if they're actually going to use it, in a serious restoration, I'd be satisfied with $200, versus it going unused in your hands and deteriorating further with age.

The other good option is to retain it as a sample, for having L mats reproduced. But having said that, the era of active "L" (and "B") restorations has passed.

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On 11/14/2017 at 4:33 PM, BOB DINGSDALE said:

could any body give me a clue as to what I should be asking for a [L] model NOS floor mat would be worth.I was going to put it my LJSWX but never got around to it.It is uncut -no holes-.

I restored my LTL about 2-3 years ago and gave $700 for a NOS L cab mat. The man had 2 of them and a lot of other perfect or NOS parts. Not cheap but.... I think the last R and B cab mats I got were over $200 from Mack when they had them. $200 for any NOS mat is a deal. Consider the time and care it took for years to still have a usable NOS part. Triple or more the original price would be the starting point just to break even. As for patterns even an old mat can be used for patterns. To go on I sold the good old headliner kit after my restoration for $200. That was a fraction of the $800 plus shipping I paid Lancaster Upholstery for a new one when they still made them. 

By the way the man had a few sets of Goose Island hoods for LT's for $1200 a set. Never mounted on truck. His name was Glen.

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7 hours ago, Robert Palmer said:

Is the L model floormat still available? I am restoring a 1954 Mack LTLT frame up. A floormat would be the icing on the cake. cCab has been rebuilt, engine is an out of frame NHBRS 320

Photo's or it does not exist, engine and truck, Please.

PM me if Bob does not have the mat he started the post with.  The contact I have for a NOS L Cab floormat sold one to me for my LTL. He may still be around and have one left.

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