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e300 surging at low rpm


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85 r686 is surging at lower rpm between 1000-1200  is the worst.  smooths out ok above that but very annoying driving around the yard when almost any throttle will start a surging/bucking show.  throttle linkage is tight and return spring on pump is intact.  I seem to remember a service bulletin about the ambac pumps with governer/flyweight issues, can the governor assembly be separated from the pump while still on the truck? and any idea what parts need to replaced? the number off the pump is GVB250/850E-7507A1

any input would be appreciated


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I know you  have said the return spring on the pump is intact however is the throttle lever worn at he cantilever springs near the throttle shaft if these have worn notches  in the  actuator the engine will surge on light pedal!

Just something to look for!

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