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Power Divider Bearing " Need Help "


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I have a 99 E -460, It started to rumble yesterday as I was leaving the shop, brought it back right away, dropped the driveshaft, pulled the yoke and outer cover, I need to know how to get the bearing off the shaft, I got the bearing and the seal, will I be needing any other parts. I have searched and searched, there is no information nowhere, I may not be able to use the site correctly

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Yes front diff, power divider lockout, I got it apart witch was not easy bearing welded themselves to the race, the 3 inch nut was loose holds the bucket for the peanuts, pressed on both bearings and it was a perfect fit no shims necessary, ran 3 days now , no problems

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Just A word  Here , good job getting it going again, however  be prepared  for buying a new top gearset soon as that bearing holds the pinion in alignment when the nut comes loose it usually takes out the top gear set as well That nut also requires  at the least 1200 ft pounds torque to be properly tightened HOPE YOU USED LOCK TIGHT or staked it or you'll be ater again in a short while! 

Just a word to the wise!

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