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    I have been an owner operator for 35 years, hauling short end dump trailers locally, I enjoy doing it, I do most of my own work on trucks and trailers, I punched a time clock from 79 to about 81, it's not for me.

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  1. Yes front diff, power divider lockout, I got it apart witch was not easy bearing welded themselves to the race, the 3 inch nut was loose holds the bucket for the peanuts, pressed on both bearings and it was a perfect fit no shims necessary, ran 3 days now , no problems
  2. I have a 99 E -460, It started to rumble yesterday as I was leaving the shop, brought it back right away, dropped the driveshaft, pulled the yoke and outer cover, I need to know how to get the bearing off the shaft, I got the bearing and the seal, will I be needing any other parts. I have searched and searched, there is no information nowhere, I may not be able to use the site correctly
  3. I am almost shure this motor has never been apart,I found a peice of a Mack oilring in the oil pan,I have carefully inspected the bottoms of the pistons and ther in good condition
  4. I found a chunk of the oil ring on the drain plug,I pulled the pan and do not see any damage to any of the pistons,"how could it get there"
  5. Name: Mack Tractor Date Added: Owner: Paulieflyer2 Paulieflyer2
  6. I am not shure what you mean by this
  7. Thank you for the reply,you are very right,and I do agree with you,I am using lapping compound of various grits witch I clean,it's only on the journal itself,The hole is pluged so none gets in there.The failed because Mack reman center put standard rod bearings,in a crank that was cut 0.010,the mains are correct,so they are fine. There was no blueing or discoling of ant sort,it only ran for a few minutes after it failed.I alreadey cleaned the oil cooler,pressure wasing rinsing with solvents and compressed air.I want to flush with solvent through top of the motor first,then I will do the bottom with solvent under pressure moving the pistons and cam to diffrent positions,blowing it out and redoing it again until I feel it's alright,I will put break in oil in for the first few hours,then change it,and new filters of course,new oil pump to. what do you mean by "The galley will have metal in it till it is vatted" I don't get this could you Please explain this more so I can try and correct it. Thank You very much Paul I will take any help I can get on this,if anybody has some suggestions,I would love to hear it
  8. I have designed a jig to repair crankshaft rod journals inframe.Mine was 0.016 out of round,and aproxemntly 0.003 out of taper,I now have it .002 out of round and 0.000 taper.After the final cut I belive I can get it very close to Mack specifications witch is 0.00035.
  9. I am trying to find the crankshaft specs for my 1991 E-7 350 Mack says the rod journals are suppose to be at 3.248 mine are at 3.332 with std. bearings,I plastigaged the new bearings at .003 to .004 "what am I missing here" this is about .015 diffrence it's been running like this for over 200,000 miles the Motor was remaned by Mack the new bearings have the same numbers as the old ones,I had a machine shop come out to measure the crankshaft
  10. Can anyone tell how much out of round a crankshaft rod journal can be if any,will it run withminor damage,or doe the crankshaft need to be ground
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