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Your guess is as good as mine FJH.

I use to think Mercedes was spooky. They mount high and stick the filter in a bullet proof canister.

Some of our off-road engines have multiple oil pumps so you can hold the engine nearly vertical (like a dozer climbing a coal pile) and still pick-up oil. Those machines use upside down spin-on (bottom facing upward from top of engine) with check valves in filter to hold oil during engine-off.

Seems like some engineers get a kick out of new ideas, even bad ones. Like plastic surge tanks.


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sent me these links!



As Glenn mentioned in the log run it comes down to Cheap assness!

(WONDER Why THE big V aint gone Here yet!) ( CHEAP)

And in my mind the  the idea of having to disturb those filter inserts ( CROSS contamination )Far worse than filling a filter with clean fuel or oil!

So one small vote for the volvo method For now! ( Its only a matter of time till Cheap mode kicks in At the Big V !)

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