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Mack E9 fuel injection V-Pump


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Hi Guys ,

Sorry for my bad english but i'm located in France.

I come on this forum to find some help.

I'm using to rebuilt a old Mack Tractor unit with E9 V8 450 Motor.

I need some help to find a fuel injection V-pump for this motor unit .

I europe it's easy to find the inline one but realy difficult to find the V one.

I don't want to  modified the motor for put a inline pump because i really want keep the truck in original state.

If someone have a pump for sale or can help me to find one , please let me know.

My best regards


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I'd question the logic, the in-line is the better pump.... but if you have a preference to a V pump also consider the throttle linkage, lift pump lines, injector pipes length and position and maybe different brand of injectors.... just make sure the drive to the engine is the same and bolts on....

I don't think this is as straight forward as some think... but we have FAR more experienced engine guys on here that have "the knowledge"...

BC Mack

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Well I guess my comment was based on  what he has v/s what he will have to change ! fuel lines the power tower  ect  ! 

Just curious what makes the rob bosch Hands down  better  than Ambac Brutus ?  I realize obviously parts is one issue !

again just curious !

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To fjh :

It's not impossible to rebuilt the pump , but in Europe, I can't find someone who can rebuild it.

They are not interested in it. I think they can't find the parts for that.

In Europe, we have some big problem to find some good mechanics. The young ones are habit to change the part but they don't know to rebuild.

It's the rule of consumption society !


To Brutus998 ,

I have some Cummins motors in my garage. I'll look if one of them has the P7100 pump and perhaps we can make trade.

If I don't have it , perhaps you can sell me one that's on your shelf, no ?

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